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Here at Alive we offer various facilities to ensure individuals receive the care and experiences they need

Facilities Available

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Spa Pool

Hydrotherapy is derived from the Greek word meaning water healing. This works by stimulating the endorphins which in turn help to alleviate tension and control pain. Its particular value comes about because of the effects of the warmth and pressure of the water and in particular the buoyancy provided.

Some of the benefits are:
1. Non weight bearing
2. Promotion of relaxation
3. Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness
4. Joint mobilisation
5. Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration
6. Improved circulation

The water temperature is always between 35 – 38 degrees, the heat helps soothe and quietens the body, also slowing down the activity of internal organs as well as relaxing muscles therefore decreasing anxiety. Regular Hydrotherapy can help in reducing/relaxing swollen/painful joints and helps loosen tight muscles.

ALIVE has an overhead hoist system to aid in the transferring in and out of the pool therefore ensuring that everyone can access it.
A medical questionnaire and consent form will need to be completed before your first session.
Due to the water temperature it is advised that anyone that is or believes they could be pregnant should not go into the pool.

Trampoline (Rebound)

Rebound therapy is the use of a trampoline for physical therapy, it is an excellent resource that we offer at ALIVE. All our staff have undergone Rebound therapy training and can develop an individual session that takes into account individual needs and capabilities. Rebound aids the ability to move more freely and enjoy feeling the range of movements that someone may not have had the opportunity to feel on the ground.

Some of the benefits of Rebound are:

1. Promotion of muscle tone
2. Relaxation
3. Freedom of movement
4. Spatial and body awareness
5. Independence
6. Coordination
7. Strength
8. Trust and Confidence
9. Fun and enjoyment
10. Stimulation of the digestive system
11. Improved bowel movement

1. Pregnancy
2. Detached retina
3. Atlantoaxial instability

An individual programme can be set up for individuals that attend on a regular basis. A medical questionnaire and consent form will need to be completed before your first session.

Multi Sensory Rooms

A Multi Sensory room is a specially designed room which combines a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses, these can include lights, sounds, aromas and sensory soft/textured play objects all within a safe environment that allows the person using it to explore and interact without risk.

The Sensory rooms give an opportunity for a person to have some control over their environment and the sensory stimulation that they receive can also be controlled (intensified or reduced) to an individuals preference.

These rooms are a great way to engage with someone whether it is through intense interaction or with a group activity.

We recommend sensory stories using a range of touch, smell and sight as they can be a great way to interact with someone.

Activity Areas

Some of our activities include:

1. Sensory cooking and baking – learning new skills through talking and tasting the ingredients as we make something tasty to eat
2. Sensory play – using touch, textures, colours, smells and sounds
3. Arts and Crafts – make a master piece that can be displayed at ALIVE or taken home
4. Independent living skills – learn and maintain day to day skills
5. Games and Dance – have some fun with your friends while promoting some gentle movement
6. Ball pool
7. DVD/X-Box – watch a film or play a game

ALIVE also holds social events giving you a chance to meet new people and make life long friends. It is also an opportunity for parents and carers to meet and share experiences as well as catching up with the staff team. All of our activities are made to be as inclusive as possible.