Rebound – Trampoline Session

From: £17.50

Our Rebound Trampoline Sessions are available to hire on a 40 minute basis for supervised or assisted sessions. Any additional staff will cost £17.50.



Rebound therapy is the use of a trampoline for physical therapy, it is an excellent resource that we offer at ALIVE. All our staff have undergone Rebound therapy training and can develop an individual session that takes into account individual needs and capabilities. Rebound aids the ability to move more freely and enjoy feeling the range of movements that someone may not have had the opportunity to feel on the ground.

Some of the benefits of Rebound are:

1. Promotion of muscle tone
2. Relaxation
3. Freedom of movement
4. Spatial and body awareness
5. Independence
6. Coordination
7. Strength
8. Trust and Confidence
9. Fun and enjoyment
10. Stimulation of the digestive system
11. Improved bowel movement

1. Pregnancy
2. Detached retina
3. Atlantoaxial instability

An individual programme can be set up for individuals that attend on a regular basis. A medical questionnaire and consent form will need to be completed before your first session.



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